Thursday, November 15, 2012

Irked by cyberspying, Georgia outs Russia-based hacker -- with photos using his Webcam

We dont come accross story's like this too often where the Webcam actually worked against the hacker but in the following story you will read how government officials were able to capture an image of a Russian Hacker while tying to hack into Gorgia computers.

In one of the photos, the dark-haired, bearded hacker is peering into his computer's screen, perhaps puzzled at what's happening. Minutes later, he cuts his computer's connection, realizing he has been discovered.
In an unprecedented move, the country of Georgia -- irritated by persistent cyber-spying attacks -- has published two photos of a Russia-based hacker who, the Georgians allege, waged a persistent, months-long campaign that stole confidential information from Georgian government ministries, parliament, banks and NGOs.   Read more...

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