Friday, November 30, 2012

IGNITED FLAME between U.S. and France: Malware

French weekly news magazine L’Express has reported that offices of France’s former president Sarkozy were hit by a cyber espionage campaign back in May 2012. Few days before the second round of the presidential election won by Hollande the President’s office was infected by Flame malware, within the compromise PCs also the one of Sarkozy’s Secretary General, Xavier Musca.
What is Flame malware and who has developed it?
Flame is considered a complex malware realized with the primary intent to create a comprehensive cyber espionage tool kit. The geographic distribution of the targets hit by the malware, primary located in the Middle East, combined with the high level of sophistication of the agent are clear clues that the malicious application is the result of a state sponsored project.
“Kaspersky Team defined Flame as a sophisticated attack toolkit which condenses the characteristics of a backdoor, a Trojan, and a worm able to spread itself within a local network and on removable media.”
Roel Schouwenberg , Kaspersky researcher, reveled a link between Flame and the cyber weapon Stuxnet noting that a module of the spytool were also used in a particular version of Stuxnet.

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