Monday, December 31, 2012

Facebook eliminated potential 'webcam spying' hack this summer

A Facebook security vulnerability, which could have been exploited to activate a user's webcam and record them without their knowledge, was closed off this summer, it has been revealed.

Facebook paid Indian research firm XY Security a $2,500 (UK£1,546, AUD$2,409) "bounty" in July for discovering the issue and drawing the bug to its attention, the social network has confirmed.

The flaw, which Facebook said had never exploited by a potential 'Peeping Tom', could, conceivably have troubled users who had already agreed to give Facebook permission to access the camera.

Beyond that the user would have to be 'tricked' into visiting a malicious page, then agree to activate the camera - allowing the spy/pervert to begin recording.

Five times the going rate

Facebook must have felt the threat was serious at it paid five times its usual rate to the two researchers who reported the flaw.

"This vulnerability, like many others we provide a bounty for, was only theoretical, and we have seen no evidence that it has been exploited in the wild," Facebook spokesperson Josh Wolens told Bloomberg.

"Essentially, several things would need to go wrong - a user would need to be tricked into visiting a malicious page and clicking to activate their camera, and then after some time period, tricked into clicking again to stop/publish the video."

Facebook is one of many Silicon Valley heavyweights (other notables being Google and Mozilla) who offer 'bug bounties', paying out millions to researchers who spot flaws and potential dangers.


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Monday, December 17, 2012

Is your TV Watching you? Security ALERT Over Samsung's Smart TV.


TV Owners that have the Plasma 8000 series, the 7500 LED LCD series, the 8000 LED LCD series or the 9000 LED  LCD series might want to know that HACKERS claim they can access to these TV's  

·         Security experts reveal they have been able to gain access to the device and scour its hard drives and connected drives for information

·         They claim to have 'complete root access' allowing them to install malicious software that could monitor its cameras and microphones

·         More and more devices that connect to the Internet are leaving unwitting consumers vulnerable to such hacking attacks

 Samsung's Smart TV could used by hackers to watch everything that happens in your living room by gaining access to the device's built-in camera and microphones, it has been claimed.

Malta-based security firm ReVuln posted a video showing how its researchers had learned to crack the television to access its settings - including any personal information stored on it.

'We can install malicious software to gain complete root access to the TV,' they claim in the video.

With such malware installed, hackers could use the Smart TV's built-in microphones and camera to hear and see everything in front of it.

Samsung's Smart TV can be used to browse the internet, use social networks, watch net-based commercial film streaming services and play online games, among other things, from the comfort of your sofa.

The devices can also be controlled by voice commands and gestures, using their microphones and cameras to detect what is happening in front of them.

However, while the Smart TV's are connected to the internet they are vulnerable to hackers who can access the device and access files stored on them.

Luigi Auriemma, co-founder of ReVuln, says he has found a way to track down the IP address of the device and gain access to seize control and scour any drives connected to it.

The video appears to show he is able to access remote files and information like the viewing history, as well as siphon data from USB drives attached to a compromised set.

Mr Auriemma told Ars Technica: 'At this point the attacker has complete control over the device.

Devices from lighting systems to air conditioners to computer games consoles now rely on online functionality, but their operating systems often do not have the same kinds of security measures now commonly deployed on Microsoft and Apple powered devices.

At the moment, ReVuln's exploit only works once hackers have managed to breach the network which the television is connected to. As such, Mr Auriemma told NBC News, he expects the main danger is of hackers targeting specific companies or individuals.

'In our opinion, it’s more interesting and realistic to think about attacks [against] specific targets reached via open/weak/hacked Wi-Fi or compromised computers of a network, instead of mass-exploiting via the Internet,' he said.

'That’s interesting due to the effects of the vulnerability (retrieving information and the possibility of monitoring) which are perfect for targeted attacks, from a specific person with a TV at home to a company with TVs in its offices.'

Revuln plans to sell information on the vulnerabilities to the highest bidder, the Register reported, claiming this will 'speed up' fixes faster than merely reporting them to the manufacturer.

The company would not go into details about the flaws it has discovered.

The possibilities of such vulnerabilities are worrying with increasing numbers of consumer electronics devices being equipped with sensors, cameras and microphones to detect what is happening around them.

A spokesman for Samsung said: 'We have discovered that only in extremely unusual circumstances a connectivity issue arises between Samsung Smart TV’s released in 2011 and other connected devices. We assure our customers that our Smart TVs are safe to use.

'We will release a previously scheduled software patch in January 2013 to further strengthen Smart TV security. We recommend our customers to use encrypted wireless access points, when using connected devices.'

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Friday, December 7, 2012

U.S Lags Far Behind in Cyber Security

This picture shows Cadets engaging in the annual Cyber Defense Exercise at West Point. 
You can see from the picture that there is a BIG HOLE in their strategy.  Any laptop in this room that has a webcam which are most need to have a webcam cover to stop Webcam Hacking.  Webcam Hacking is an essential tool in espionage. 

Cyber attacks on federal agencies have increased 650% from 2006 to 2011, according to the Government Accountability Office Report.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

IGNITED FLAME between U.S. and France: Malware

French weekly news magazine L’Express has reported that offices of France’s former president Sarkozy were hit by a cyber espionage campaign back in May 2012. Few days before the second round of the presidential election won by Hollande the President’s office was infected by Flame malware, within the compromise PCs also the one of Sarkozy’s Secretary General, Xavier Musca.
What is Flame malware and who has developed it?
Flame is considered a complex malware realized with the primary intent to create a comprehensive cyber espionage tool kit. The geographic distribution of the targets hit by the malware, primary located in the Middle East, combined with the high level of sophistication of the agent are clear clues that the malicious application is the result of a state sponsored project.
“Kaspersky Team defined Flame as a sophisticated attack toolkit which condenses the characteristics of a backdoor, a Trojan, and a worm able to spread itself within a local network and on removable media.”
Roel Schouwenberg , Kaspersky researcher, reveled a link between Flame and the cyber weapon Stuxnet noting that a module of the spytool were also used in a particular version of Stuxnet.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

ICE Director talks cybersecurity

Cyber Monday brought a lot of attention to Cybersecurity.  John Morton, is the director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, delivers a briefing to the Foreign Press Center.
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International Regulatory Framework for Cybersecurity

Increasing government, military, and industry reliance on the cyber domain has incentivized cyber crime and heightened the cost of internet disruptions. Many vulnerable states—such as Romania and Bulgaria—want to reduce cyber crime within their borders but lack the political will necessary to allocate sufficient funds. Current U.S. policy emphasizes unconditional assistance for vulnerable U.S. allies. This approach, however, discourages these states from prioritizing cybersecurity in their budgets and ultimately increases Washington’s fiscal burden for fighting cyber crime.

To encourage vulnerable states to prioritize cybersecurity, NATO should create and administer an international Cyber Grade Framework (CGF). The primary purpose of this program is to help establish and implement rigorous international cybersecurity standards to hinder the operation of cyber crime and hacktivist groups, while more efficiently using current U.S. aid to produce greater cyber resiliency amongst its allies. The CGF would not require an increase of funding, but simply a more efficient reallocation of existing cybersecurity funds.

The CGF is based on the Thornberry Cybersecurity Task Force private-sector incentive model that seeks to encourage industry to adopt greater cybersecurity standards absent the existence of government mandates. At the international level, this model is the best approach for generating better cybersecurity standards given the political obstacles confronting compulsory international regulations. Participating states would be awarded grades based on the quality of their cybersecurity infrastructure. States that adopt a grade’s requirements would receive a set of associated incentives increasing incrementally with each security grade attained. They include access to: (1) law enforcement cyber training programs; (2) NATO cyber rapid reaction teams; (3) limited technology transfer; and (4) intelligence sharing. In addition to encouraging participating states to make cybersecurity a priority, this policy would strengthen their ties with the international community, creating a more secure global network.

Read more>>

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

E.U. Reports of Significant Cyber Security Breaches Expected to Spike

There were 51 significant cyber security incidents in 2011 reported by 11 countries that are members of the European Union, but that total is likely to increase tenfold next year because of improved technology and embedded browser plugins.

Webcam Hacking is ONE area of growth because of the increased web based communication   WebRTC will facilitate cyber espionage for governments and businesses.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Hawiian C-SLIDE Webcam Cover Customer

Here is another video testimonial of the C-SLIDE Webcam Cover.  Don't be the next victim get your webcam cover today at C-SLIDE.

Internet Can be a Parents Worst Nightmare.

For children, the internet is the big enlarger. Whether it is information or entertainment, today's young people literally have their world at their fingertips. But there's a dark side, too, and it is alarming many parents - often not nearly as tech-savvy as their offspring - who don't know what to do.

Policing kids' books or even vetting friends is relatively easy compared to trying to keep track of their internet activities. The Fletcher group spoke to one parent with three children who said her household of five had 20 devices that could access the internet.

Parents' concerns mean that the pollies are getting worried, too. Anxiety about internet bullying and webcam spying is part of the wider concerns about protecting children.
In trying to come up with policy to guard children from internet risks, including exposure to inappropriate material, being groomed by paedophiles, and falling victim to bullies, the politicians are caught between demands they do something, the technical difficulties of grappling with a cyber amoeba, and the philosophical question of where the responsibility of government begins and ends.
Within the Coalition, there is some scepticism about how effective the internet policy can be. Cyber challenges were underlined recently when the government had to retreat from its long-proposed internet filter. While political agreement is easier when just children are involved, the other problems remain. But at least the political focus might better concentrate the attention of providers and give parents useful tips and points of contact for protecting their children.
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Cyberbully fears spark increase in calls to helplines

Cyberbully fears spark increase in calls to helplines

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Children’s groups and organisations for parents have seen a rise in numbers calling with concerns about cyberbullying.

Both the ISPCC and Parentline confirmed that they had received a spike in the number of calls and enquiries following the tragic deaths of teenagers Erin Gallagher in Donegal and Ciara Pugsley in Leitrim. Both girls took their own lives in recent months after being the victims of cyberbullying.

Margie Roe, national Childline manager with the ISPCC, said the service receives about 11,000 calls a year on the subject of bullying, but that an increase had been recorded in the last number of months.

"At various times of the year it goes up and down," said Ms Roe. "In April, we saw a significant rise and in the last number of months also. We get about 11,000 calls a year on the subject of bullying and the majority of those encompass cyberbullying, whether it be on mobile phones or on various social networking sites."

Ms Roe said the ISPCC support line for parents and adults had also received an increase in those asking for advice on how to deal with cyberbullying.

"That sort of increase, while not huge, is definitely not usual," she said. "We have also received a lot of emails from teachers looking for tips and outreach advice in dealing with internet safety for their pupils."

Parentline CEO Rita O’Reilly said its service had seen approximately an 18% increase in the number of calls it received this year when compared to last year.

She said while the rate of calls varies from month to month, the issue of cyberbullying was increasingly on the radar of parents.

Speaking on Today FM, founder and director of the Anti-Bullying Centre in Trinity College, Mona O’Moore, said there was a definite link between bullying and suicide.

"It’s probably far more significant than we are prepared to accept, and I think it’s coming out more clearly now because of the most recent tragic events, but it has always been there," said Prof O’Moore.

"It’s hugely damaging to be bullied because it gets at the core of who you are, particularly when you are isolated and you have nobody to talk to.

"When you think of man’s greatest needs, one of them is to belong, to be in control, and to feel confident. All of those needs, in a sense, are thwarted and frustrated by being bullied. Particularly the need to belong, which is huge in a teenager, when they are forming their identity.

"You can imagine how hugely damaging that is and where is the light at the end of the tunnel then, if you are going to school every day with no adult intervention."

Meanwhile, the president of the National Anti-Bullying Coalition, Monica Monahan, will today make a presentation to senators and TDs.

How to cope

Tips for dealing with cyberbullying

* Don’t respond to the bully — save the evidence and show a trusted adult.

* Keep the message, note date and times, and show to a trusted adult.

* Block the sender. If the harassment is coming in the form of instant messages, texts, or profile comments, use preferences or privacy tools to block the person. If it is in chat, leave the room, or contact your internet service provider.

* If on a webpage or social network, report the abusive messages to the site provider.

* Above all, tell someone what is going on. You don’t have to cope alone.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Irked by cyberspying, Georgia outs Russia-based hacker -- with photos using his Webcam

We dont come accross story's like this too often where the Webcam actually worked against the hacker but in the following story you will read how government officials were able to capture an image of a Russian Hacker while tying to hack into Gorgia computers.

In one of the photos, the dark-haired, bearded hacker is peering into his computer's screen, perhaps puzzled at what's happening. Minutes later, he cuts his computer's connection, realizing he has been discovered.
In an unprecedented move, the country of Georgia -- irritated by persistent cyber-spying attacks -- has published two photos of a Russia-based hacker who, the Georgians allege, waged a persistent, months-long campaign that stole confidential information from Georgian government ministries, parliament, banks and NGOs.   Read more...

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Video Testimonial and Product Demonstration by Happy Customer

Here is another video testimonial from a happy customer.  He also does a GREAT product demonstration. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

UK Customers LOVE our Webcam Covers

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Webcam Spy V3.0 for MSN, Yahoo and Facebook is OUT!

Webcam Spy V3.0 for MSN, Yahoo and Facebook is OUT and thought you all might want to know that webcam spying is evolving at a very quick rate.  Just protect your self with a webcam cover by C-SLIDE.

Happy C-Slide Webcam Cover Customer

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White House May take action on Cyber Security.

Now that the dust of the elections has settled, and Congress is due back in session tomorrow, President Obama may soon add a signature to an Executive Order on Cybersecurity. That step by the White House depends on whether or not Congress will finally come to a decision on cybersecurity legislation that has been languishing in limbo. According to Amber Corrin of, “no one denies the importance of cybersecurity legislation, it’s unclear how high of a priority it will be as the 2013 budget, sequestration, tax cuts and the Farm Bill, among other measures, compete for congressional attention. However, with Obama confirmed for another term in office, the potential for a cyber executive order looks increasingly likely, which would at least partially address cybersecurity regulation for the time being."

READ the rest of the story by clicking here!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Christopher Channer sentenced to 5 Years for Webcam Spying

Watch the entire story on TAMPA (FOX 13) -

A former information technology director of a Tampa advertising firm is facing jail time after some unauthorized "facetime" with a couple of female co-workers.

Thursday, Christopher Channer pleaded guilty to federal charges of intercepting communications after the FBI determined that back in 2010, he tapped into webcams of female employees of the Atlanta office of 22squared from his Tampa office without their knowledge.

They say he gained access through a program on the computers that was designed to track down stolen laptops.

Channer, who according to a plea agreement captured more than 1200 images of the woman, including the exposed breast of one woman, is facing five years in prison.

Channer was an experienced IT director tapping into pre-loaded software on company owned computers, but the experts say you don't need that kind of experience to hack a webcam.

"It doesn't take a genius to be able to figure out how to get into someone else's webcam," said Stephen Pearson of High Tech Crime Institute.

Friday, Pearson gave a chilling example of how easy it could be.

A simple search of "how to hack a webcam" in YouTube turned up seven pages of video tutorials.

"There's plenty of opportunity for someone to download a program or try to exploit or try to use the program," Pearson said.

One video connection with someone with one of those illegal programs could give them access to your webcam without your knowledge.

Not good news for someone like Carl Valeri, who says he uses his webcam daily.

"I travel internationally and Skype is one of the best ways to get in touch with people," said Valeri. "That's pretty scary."

Pearson says the best way to protect yourself is to make sure your computer's virus protection is up to date, but he also had a low-tech solution.

"If you have an embedded camera, put a piece of tape across it," Pearson said.

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Another HAPPY C-SLIDE Customer

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

REVIEW of C-SLIDE webcam cover vs CAMPATCH

So, there has been a lot of confusion in the market about what webcam cover is the best.  So, I thought as the owner of C-SLIDE I could give you a review of all my competitors.  Now, this video comes with a bias opinion obviously so, don't take my word for it do your own research.

This video is a REVIEW of C-SLIDE webcam cover vs CAMPATCH webcam cover.
In this review there are five rounds with possible score of 10 points per round:
Last I do a Price Comparison including shipping charges.

Now in order to get the scores or the price comparison you need to watch the video.  If I am boring you feel free to fast forward to the portion that interests you.

Here are some highlights from the above video:
The CAMPATCH has some serious PROBLEMS. 

1.       This product is basically a sticker but like any sticker it will wear out and you will need to buy another one.

2.       This product also leaves a residue based on my testing and the last thing you want on your camera lens is a residue.  If you don't care then just use a Post-It NOTE or TAPE.

3.       Campatch is also a little large and in your face.

4.       Plus if your laptop is older and has a rough plastic instead of a smooth surface it does not stick well at all.  I know this has been a complaint by their customers because there is a review on amazon that says the same thing.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

International Customers are Happy with C-SLIDE Webcam Covers.

Here is a review from one of our international customers in Germany who loves his C-SLIDE webcam cover.  Don't be the next victim protect your privacy now with C-SLIDE at


Happy Canadian Customer

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REVIEW of C-SLIDE webcam cover vs i-Stop

So, there has been a lot of confusion in the market about what webcam cover is the best.  So, I thought as the owner of C-SLIDE I could give you a review of all my competitors.  Now, this video comes with a bias opinion obviously so, don't take my word for it do your own research.

This video is a REVIEW of C-SLIDE webcam cover vs i-Stop webcam cover.
In this review there are five rounds with possible score of 10 points per round:
Last I do a Price Comparison including shipping charges.

Now in order to get the scores or the price comparison you need to watch the video.  If I am boring you feel free to fast forward to the portion that interests you.

Here are some highlights from the above video:
The i-Stop has some serious PROBLEMS. 

1.       This product is WAY TOO THICK.  If you have an old laptop with a clip that locks your laptop when it's closed it won't work because it can't close.

2.       In order to cover and uncover your laptop this product takes too much pressure on the base which is attached to the laptop with double sided tape.  Thus the product continually falls off the laptop.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Webcam Hacking Skype

Here is just one Tutorial on YouTube on how to do webcam hacking on skype users.  Don't be the next victim.  Protect your privacy now with a webcam cover by C-SLIDE.

REVIEW of C-SLIDE webcam cover vs iPatch webcam cover.

So, there has been a lot of confusion in the market about what webcam cover is the best.  So, I thought as the owner of C-SLIDE I could give you a review of all my competitors.  Now, this video comes with a bias opinion obviously so, don't take my word for it do your own research.

This video is a REVIEW of C-SLIDE webcam cover vs iPatch webcam cover.
In this review there are five rounds with possible score of 10 points per round:
Last I do a Price Comparison including shipping charges.

Now in order to get the scores or the price comparison you need to watch the video.  If I am boring you feel free to fast forward to the portion that interests you.

Here are some highlights from the above video:

The iPatch is very small and has a FOUR BIG PROBLEMS. 
1.       Who creates a webcam cover using a magnet when it goes on Laptops or Computers?  Magnets are never good for computers.
2.       Plus this magnets has a BIG problem.  It always falls off and I know it's going to cause a problem with my computer. 
3.       With the magnet always falling off you will be forced to buy this product over and over again.
4.       The hole on the cover is very small thus it will only work with webcams that are very small.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It Has Been Confirmed The U.S. Government Is Spying On Scientists And Doctors

U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder and President Barack Obama
This week it was confirmed via a lawsuit against the U.S. FDA that the government has been spying on "scientists" and "doctors" by illegally hacking and reading their emails, among other things. The lawsuit was filed by employees of the FDA, who are "doctors" and "scientists" that blew the whistle, regarding the government jeopardizing the public's health and lives (see article below for more information).
For over 3-years the Judiciary Report has maintained that the U.S. Government has been spying on "doctors", "scientists", professors, select business people and bloggers that show promise or insight in the areas of medicine, science, technology, commerce and or politics. See the following Judiciary Report articles that were published previously asserting these claims:
May 28, 2011 Obama And Congress Extend The Privacy Invading Patriot Act: The Patriot Act has been abused by the government for political control, using the FBI to spy on domestic rival political, scientists, doctors, journalists and bloggers, in gaining an undue advantage in elections
April 20, 2010 FBI Reproved For Spying On Journalists: These thoroughly perverse forms of spying have been utilized by the FBI against innocent Americans, such as scientists, doctors and professors (who do groundbreaking research and patents) and journalists and bloggers (who write exposes or unflattering articles about the Bureau or their affiliates). 
May 20, 2009 Spying To Steal: The fact of the matter is, the FBI and NSA, have used CIPAV and Echelon, respectively, to spy on scientists, inventors and corporate entities of other nations, inside and outside America, to steal proprietary data and pass it on to large U.S. companies).
August 31, 2009 Aisha v. FBI lawsuit goes into specific incidents regarding the FBI illegally hacking and reading my emails, many of which have to do with science, medicine, technology and entertainment copyrights and patents, some of which were unlawfully passed around the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), quoted on their website without attribution or permission and sent to other entities that had no business or right accessing them. 
I have copies of my original copyrights and time stamped emails regarding them and the later infringements by the FBI via articles they published on their website and in several separate and unrelated federal indictments of others, such as businessmen, a multi-million dollar computer company, two scientists and three hackers. 
In the not too distant future, I'm going to give the FBI the Daily Mail treatment, where I publish a copy of my preexisting, time stamped emails I have saved and backed up on discs, then the later infringements by the FBI on their website and in federal indictments. The FBI has done it so many times, I can publicly cite at least 50 verbatim instances, via the aforementioned comparative method, as seen in the Daily Mail article. The evidence is undeniable.   
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Amber is a Happy C-SLIDE Webcam Cover Customer

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Monday, November 5, 2012

C-SLIDE webcam cover vs CAMSTOP


C-SLIDE webcam cover vs CAMSTOP webcam cover
So, there has been a lot of confusion in the market about what webcam cover is the best.  So, I thought as the owner of C-SLIDE I could give you a review of all my competitors.  Now, this video comes with a bias opinion obviously so, don't take my word for it do your own research.
 This video is a REVIEW of C-SLIDE webcam cover vs CAMSTOP webcam cover.
In this review there are five rounds with possible score of 10 points per round:
Last I do a Price Comparison including shipping charges.
Now in order to get the scores or the price comparison you need to watch the video.  If I am boring you feel free to fast forward to the portion that interests you.
Here are some highlights from the above video:
The CAMSTOP is very small and has a THREE BIG PROBLEMS. 
1.       The hole on the camstop is so small that it only works with the 1/4 inch or smaller webcams.
2.       The plastic that slides open and close in my mind will eventually scratch your camera lens.
3.       The plastic on the bottom is thicker than the double sided tape thus the product is forced to bow.  This will cause the double sided tape not to last and eventually pop off.  This is why camstop is now shipping extra double sided tape.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

C-Slide Webcam Cover Testimonial

We have Webcam Cover customers all around the WORLD and now we are asking for video testimonials.  Here is the first one!  Don't be the next webcam spying VICTIM protect yourself with a C-Slide Webcam Cover.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Webcam Cover Survey Results

As you can see from the above survey results Webcam Hacking or more well known as Webcam Spying is still not widely understood.  Don't be the next victim.  Protect your privacy with the best webcam cover on the market today C-Slide.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

SKYPE Hacking Software availalbe for Parents and Corporations.

If you are interested in Skype spy software then you will get your answers here.
The first thing which you must know is that the spy apps used can only record Skype conversations. Therefore, if you looking to record the video you will be disappointed unless; you choose an app which can capture screen shots as well. In that way you will periodically take a snapshot of what is happening on the screen of the computer. It is not as good as watching a video of the video conference but it does provide some insight to what is happening.
Also you must remember that people only chat with one person on webcam at a time which means that the others would be via instant messaging. Therefore spying on Skype chat is usually very effective unless the person chats with one person only on cam.
If you are curious about who would want to monitor the Skype conversations of someone well your answers are parents and also companies. Right now, this im service is one of the most popular ones online today. As a result quite a bit of information is shared across it. If you are a parent you may want to know if your kid is on the right path or whether or not he or she is being bullied. Children tend to keep information from their parents and by using this type of program it will open you up to what is occurring. This is because you would see the unrestricted chat that your child will be having with their friends without them knowing.
Similarly, information about an employee can be obtained by using Skype spy software. It will not only tell you whether he or she is being involved in some form of corporate espionage but the timestamps will also allow you to know whether the staff member is using the software during working time.
Block the webcam spying with a webcam cover like

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

There will be NO webcam spying Law Suit.

The parents of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers University student who committed suicide soon after he found out his roommate had used a webcam to spy on him kissing another man, have decided not to sue anyone involved in the case.

Mainardi confirmed to the paper that this was the end of the legal road for the parents.
"They are devoting their energies to the positive work of the Tyler Clementi Foundation," he told the paper.

Ravi, who was Clementi's roommate, served 20 days in jail for his conviction on charges of bias intimidation and invasion of privacy.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

"SEXTORTIONIST" Luis Mijangos Spy's on Hundres of Women via Webcam

 SANTA ANA, Calif. (KABC) -- A hacker was able to get inside women's computers, turn on their webcam and record their most private moments.

His name is Luis Mijangos. A 32-year-old former gang member from Santa Ana who turned to computers after a shooting left him paralyzed.

"The minute you turn on your computer, he's watching you,' said Glenda, one of Mijangos' victims."I felt so violated. I got sick."

"You're paranoid. You live the rest of your life just paranoid," said another victim, Samantha. "He started blackmailing me. He would say, 'Don't piss me off, you (expletive).'"

Mijangos went to federal prison two weeks ago for six years for hacking into more than 100 computers. His victims were young women and teenage girls. Dozens of them were minors.
Federal authorities call Mijangos a "Sextortionist."

"I didn't even know that word existed," Mijangos told Eyewitness News in an exclusive interview. "Another made up word from the federal government."

Mijangos convinced Samantha to send him nude photos. She was 17 and he pretended to be her ex-boyfriend.

"It was like 'Hey, this is my new email,' and from there she fall for it," Mijangos said.
Samantha sent him the photos, but she soon realized she had been tricked.

"He blackmailed me with my pictures in an email saying if I didn't give him more pictures, he'd put them up on my Facebook and MySpace (profiles)," Samantha said. "The worst part was not knowing who it was."

Samantha was merely one of many.

"For many of these victims, the impact was devastating," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephanie Christensen, who prosecuted the Mijangos case."Several victims reported irregular behavior with their webcameras. They noticed their cameras were turning off and on."

Mijangos used popular songs on the Internet to sneak viruses into his victim's computers. He said that once they were infected, he had full access to their computers.

"In one instance, a minor victim was having Web sex with her boyfriend. It's happening over the internet," Christensen said."Her boyfriend on one end of Web camera and she is on the other. And (MIjangos) is watching this very intimate activity and he is clicking and he's recording images, over 3,000 of this young girl in this sexually-explicit conduct."

But the so-called sextortionist said he wasn't motivated by sex.  MORE>

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

mSpy allows for SYPING using your phone camera

Mobile phones and Pads are a great way to spy on people and there seems to be more applications poping up that will allow you to do just that.  The newest spy software for mobile phone and pad is mSpy.  All though the company selling the software has the best of intentions BUT it can also be used to do harm.
mSpy will be used by employers using a corporate provided phone. mSpy will allow the corporation to monitor all phone calls, SMS, GPS Tracking, task, calendar events, emails, contact lists, and ANY conversation as long as the person has the phone with them.  PLUS the dreaded video from your phone.

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