Monday, October 1, 2012

Rented Computers Captured Customers Having Sex

If you rented a computer you should not be in front of it without your shirt on.  On September 2nd 2012 seven computer rental companies agreed to a settlement with the FTC after it was discovered that they were unlawfully capturing photos of customers by using illicit software that controlled a computer's webcam. 
These seven companies captured pictures and video of children undressing and individuals engaging in sexual activities in their homes.  
These companies used a program called PC Rental Agent and have it installed on over 420,000 computers worldwide. 
Because of this settlement rental companies are now BAN from using any spying software.
Check out the entire story at the NY Times.
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The companies involved in the settlement include: Aspen Way Enterprises; the Watershed Development Corporation, which operates under the namesWatershed and Aaron’s Sales & Lease OwnershipShowplace Rent-to-Own;J.A.G. Rents, operating under the name ColorTymeB. Stamper Enterprises, which operated under the name Premier Rental Purchase; and C.A.L.M. Ventures, which also operates under the public name Premier Rental Purchase.

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