Monday, October 1, 2012

FTC and RENT-TO-OWN Companies Agree to a Settlement

Rented Computers Captured Customers Having Sex and more

On September 2nd 2012 seven computer rental companies agreed to a settlement with the FTC after it was discovered that they were unlawfully capturing photos of customers by using illicit software that controlled a computer's webcam.  

Check out the entire story at the NY Times.

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The companies involved in the settlement include: Aspen Way Enterprises; the Watershed Development Corporation, which operates under the namesWatershed and Aaron’s Sales & Lease OwnershipShowplace Rent-to-Own;J.A.G. Rents, operating under the name ColorTymeB. Stamper Enterprises, which operated under the name Premier Rental Purchase; and C.A.L.M. Ventures, which also operates under the public name Premier Rental Purchase.

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