Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ohio man accused in sextortion of Arvada teen

An article by Laurie Cipriano, KUSA A man had access into the bedroom of a Colorado teen – through a computer.
Investigators say it's sextortion.
It's their word for the threat allegedly leveled against a 8th grade girl by an online predator in another state.
Greg Kasarcik, 24, who lives in Ohio, has been arrested and extradited to Jefferson County.
He's charged with the online sexual exploitation of a girl from Arvada.

Kasarcik is charged with three felony counts for sexually extorting the middle school girlL Sexual Exploitation, Internet Sexual Exploitation, and Criminal Extortion.
Police believe Kasarcik used a threat to get his way.
Jefferson County District Attorney Peter Weir said Kasarcik was fishing for a victim.
Court documents say Kasarcik met the teen in a chat room. Under the screen name "ericfringe2" he told her he was 15 years old - and convinced the her to take the conversation to Skype.
While 'Skyping,' Kasarcik is accused of coaxing the girl to undress and perform a sex act.
To get what he wanted - internet records of 300 pages of his chat activity, show Kasarcik reverted to a method he's used before. Records of other online conversations Kasarcik had supported probable cause in the Arvada teen's case.
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