Sunday, January 5, 2014

eyebloc webcam cover review

So, there has been a lot of confusion in the market about what webcam cover is the best.  So, I thought as the owner of C-SLIDE I could give you a review of my competitors.  Now, this video comes with a bias opinion obviously so, don't take my word for it do your own research.

This video is a REVIEW of C-SLIDE webcam cover vs EYEBLOC.
In this review there are five rounds with possible score of 10 points per round:
Size: eyebloc when it comes to webcam covers is HUGE.  It is way too big!  It’s so big when placed on the tablet it pops off by its self.  Plus when you do close your laptop you may damage your hinge.  And don’t even try to put it in a laptop bag or the eyebloc will just fall off. 
Functionality: eyebloc will work great IF you never move or close your laptop.  In the video you will see how the laptop will not close.
Durability: the best thing about eyebloc is the durability.  It is quite strong but it does not matter since it is one of the worst designs out there.
Last I do a Price Comparison including shipping charges. 
eyebloc $6.99 for each unit
Shipping $3.99
Total $10.98 OUCH!

C-SLIDE only costs $5.95 and includes FREE shipping.

To buy your C-SLIDE go to available in silver, white or black.

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