Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hollywood is incorporating Webcam Spying into the plot of The Good Wife: The RAT’s in the Cradle

Below is a recap of the popular TV Show The Good Wife.  In the recap you see how they use Webcam Spying as the main story line.  You know we have a serious problem with Webcam Hacking when Hollywood starts to incorporate it in to the movies and TV shows. 

Back at the apartment offices of the new firm, former L&G bankruptcy trustee -- now lawyer -- Clark Hayden arrives. Cary and Alicia have brought him in to analyze their books. As suspected, things don't look so good. They're burning overhead money and not bringing in enough billable hours. 

Worse, Zach discovers that someone has taken over Alicia's computer, using a remote access tool, or RAT for short. By turning on Alicia's webcam, anyone on the other end can hear and see what's going on in the apartment. Though Clarke isn't crazy about the idea, Cary gets him to take part in a scheme to provide false information about the F-A's business, presumably to the folks at Lockhart & Gardner. 

David Lee still is fuming about Alicia's "betrayal" and tries to hang the malpractice case around her neck. The key piece of evidence is a check to a leader of the Chippewa nation -- a bribe to look the other way in the adoption case, which involved an infant of part-Native American heritage. Everything hinges on which attorney was the supervising partner of record. David claims it was Alicia, since she received her promotion to partner in the middle of the case. 

That would make Alicia liable for the whole malpractice claim -- a whopping $6 million. But Clarke Hayden says David was in charge. He knows this because of his work doing their books during the bankruptcy proceedings. Is Alicia in the clear?

It's Not About the New Firm

During Will's investigation of the girl's murder, he runs into Alicia's brother Owen on the college campus. Owen's surprised to learn his big sis has struck out on her own. He also doesn't buy the idea that she just wanted her independence.

Unable to keep out of it, he confronts Alicia back at her place about his suspicions: she left L&G to put distance between herself and Will. Just as they're about to get into it, Grace interrupts, looking for Zach. Now the webcam light is on her computer, not Alicia's. What's up with that?  #thegoodwife #webcamhacking

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