Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spied On Through a Webcam on the Katie Couric Show

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf recalls the moment she realized someone had been using her own webcam to take nude photos of her.  Cassidy found that she had been spied on for a long period of time because the nude photos were from high school and college. 

The sextortionist gave her three options or he would post all the nude photos he had of her on the internet including all her own social sites.  Here are the three options that were given to Cassidy via an email:
1.       Send the sextortionist good quality photos
2.       Snap chat with him
3.       Skype with him for five minutes and do whatever he says

Mary Wolf, Cassidy’s mother was horrified when she read the emails from the webcam hacker.
After the FBI arrested  the webcam hacker Jared James Abrahams, they found he had been sextorting 9 girls which two had complied to all of his requests.

According to a security expert on the show the FBI states that hacking has increased 8.9% over last year and that includes both individual and business hacking. 

Now, the same security expert suggest to use TAPE on the lenses to cover it.  C-SLIDE disagrees with this solution.  Would anyone place tape on their digital camera lens?  No, this would make that lens completely useless.  The strategy to cover the lens is correct but the only functional solution is a Webcam Cover by C-SLIDE.  

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