Monday, September 23, 2013


CBS NEWS reporter Chenda Ngak did an interview  with Aaron Grattafiori who is the Senior Security Engineer, at iSEC about the security holes in the Samsung Smart TV.  Because the TV is built on the Leniux platform there are a lot of wholes because of the apps available.  Josh Yavor another Security Engineer with iSEC used the SKYPE text messaging application to send java script that enabled him to take over the TV.  Josh demonstrates how they trick a person to click on an advertisement which runs code behind the screens and then turns on the camera without the user knowing. 

The only protection is for the users to upload a security patch to their TV.  Now how many people are going to do this? 

The best way to protect your family’s privacy from a Webcam Hacker is to cover the camera with a Webcam Cover by C-SLIDE.

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