Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Webcam Hacking leads to Ransomeware

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, a #ransomware virus implemented by cyber criminals allows hackers to find users accessing adult websites, activate their #webcams, lock their desktops, send them an "incriminating" photo of themselves, warn the “mass debater” that they have broken federal laws "relating to child pornography, copyright or privacy" and demand they pay a fine between $100-199 with a credit card. The added threat of not paying the clearly bogus fine within 72 hours is that hackers then either encrypt or wipe data from the users' computer. I'm not sure what's frightening: knowing that a stranger has hacked your webcam, or plainly seeing a picture of yourself romancing your right hand? Hm. I'll take neither.
#AFP cybercrime operations manager Commander Glen McEwan has issued several warnings about ransomware, which has evolved over the past six months to evade detection by some anti-virus software, spam filters and firewalls.

''The Australian community is reminded that the AFP does not solicit funds and this message is not associated with the AFP in any way,'' Commander McEwan said. He urged victims to report any cyber fraud to the #ACCC website SCAMwatch.

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