Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dharum Ravi webcam spying Trial and why Tyler Clementi's committed suicide.

Breaking news of the guilty verdict in the Dharun Ravi webcam spying trial reverberated swiftly across global media outlets on Friday. A strong societal message was being sent from this complex case, one that had attracted international attention from its start. This had become the landmark verdict of a new movement.
Beginning with the fateful moment of Tyler Clementi's suicide in 2010, his story and the subsequent Dharun Ravi trial all at once shined an intense spotlight on the pressing issue of bullying. More acutely, it also highlighted the growing convergence of technology and social media with this long-standing, but once virtually ignored, socio-cultural problem.

The Tyler Clementi tragedy arguably opened the door to a new anti-bulling age in the United States and around the world. Prominent political figures, pop culture icons and media personalities such as President Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Anderson Cooper and Oprah Winfrey, among many others, all publicly addressed the issue with fervor. This heightened consciousness about the negative impact of bullying likely influenced the minds and emotions of the jury in the Dharun Ravi trial, ultimately shaping its precedent-setting decision.  READ MORE>>

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