Saturday, June 8, 2013

Webcam Hacking Hits Craigs List as a Service!

Well if you did not think you had the talent to hack someones webcam no matter how easy it is then Craigs List has the solution for you.  I recently discovered this add on Craigs List:


Ever wanted to secretly view someone through their webcam? Well now is your chance! I have uncovered an easy way to accomplish this, very discreetly and I will do it for you for free! Nothing to it, just reply to this with the person whose webcam you want to view's e-mail address and after 48-72 hours I should reply to you with a link where you can view it. I will not know who you are nor will your e-mail address be revealed to me as it will go through craigslist. So if you know someone with a webcam and you want to see what they do when they think nobody else is watching, just reply with their e-mail address. That's all it takes.

The only way to stop Webcam Spying is with a cover from C-SLIDE.

Here is the link...

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