Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Webcam Spying is EASY
Spying through webcams has become relatively simple procedure.  All one needs to do is perform a simple Google search to find and download one of hundreds of software programs developed to allow someone to remotely hijack a webcam.  Even tech amateurs can search for easy to follow video descriptions to accomplish these sinister deeds.   In short, it is possible for anyone willing to put in minimal effort to take control of your web cam without the spy needing any personal contact with you or your computer system.  And it's not getting more difficult for them to accomplish this its actually becoming easier with the changes to the web browsers.

Why Would Someone Use My Webcam to Spy on Me?
The technology used to control your webcam was originally developed to monitor areas for security purposes.  However with all new technology comes people who will exploits its capabilities.  There are many reasons why someone would use another person’s webcam to spy, including:
  • For fun or for a challenge to test one’s technical abilities
  • To take compromising pictures or video of someone for some sort of sexual exploitation
  • To obtain personal information of the victim in order to commit credit card or identity theft
  • To spy on someone to feel a sense of empowerment
  • To obtain embarrassing pictures or video of someone for humor or entertainment purposes
  • Corporate espionage
  • The reasons are endless...
Webcam Hacking is against the LAW in the USA and those who do it can be prosecuted.  But there is NO reason to worry you can simply protect yourself with the only hack proof webcam cover on the market today C-SLIDE.

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