Sunday, August 12, 2012

Webcam Hacking is Real

Communications technology has become exponentially more advanced in the last 25 years. But has communications security? And are people even aware of the risks to their own security? A recent study found that half of all laptop users did not know or were not aware that it was possible to hack a computer’s webcam.

C-Slide a webcam company, concluded that about "1 in 2 Americans are clueless about webcam hacking." The release called webcam hacking "the latest trend in cybercrime" and stated that 51% of laptop users did not know it was possible for hackers to hack into webcams and look at you at any given time. They can even record your actions using your own webcam against you.  The fact that it is possible for someone to hack into your webcam and view everything you’re doing is a troubling and disturbing fact.

"Experienced hackers can access a webcam in less than a minute and can even turn off the light which shows the webcam is on," said Ron Gustaveson, President and Founder of C-Slide a  Webcam Covers Company. "Webcam hackers are the 'Peeping Toms' of today, and this problem is only going to get worse." Whether the company has come up with a unique gimmick to help sell webcam covers, or is truly trying to raise webcam hacking awareness, it put together a great product.

Maybe most folks don't realize how easy it is to hack a webcam? There was a huge scandal after a Philadelphia school secretly used webcams on school-issued laptops cameras to spy on students. Then Aaron's was accused of key logging, taking screenshots, and capturing video via the webcam of a rented laptop prior to repossessing it. Although Aaron's supposedly runs software called "PC Rental Agent" for remote capture to "assist rental companies in the recovery of lost or stolen computers," the court denied the injunction in that webcam case. Most cyber-peepers combine malware and social engineering, be it via an email or a malicious site, to infect a machine with a Trojan and take control of a webcam. Recently, after Dharun Ravi used a webcam to spy on his gay college roommate who later killed himself, the Washington Post reported that Ravi's sentencing renewed the hate crime law debate.

In conclusion Webcam Hacking is REAL and has the solution.  Protect your privacy with a SLIDE.

Ron Gustaveson II
Makers of C-Slide WEBCAM COVER
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